Zion Recovery Center is committed to providing lasting results that lead to a lifetime of sobriety. Such results are evident as our clients and their family members willingly share about their experiences. To protect the identity and anonymity of our clients and their family members, fictitious initials were created to represent them.

Client Testimonials

“I want to express how working with you changed my life; however I cannot fully explain in words alone what you have done for me and so many others. I have been to several other treatments before and all were great programs; however none were like yours. You have a unique ability to help someone figure out who they are; where they have been, and where they want to go. There were times I would become frustrated with you because you were able to see when something was uncomfortable to talk about and my emotions were equally hard to discuss but when you saw those kinds of things, you would help me better understand and deal with them in a genuine and loving way. From the first day of treatment you loved me till I could learn to love myself. You are an amazing treatment therapy. I recommend you to any one struggling not just with addiction but any situation in life. Love you!”                                          


“I’m glad you are out there helping people; you have been blessed with many gifts and it is good to see you share those gifts and blessings with others. You have definitely made an imprint on my life and I thank you. Anyone who you come across is truly blessed. You have given me and so many others hope in recovery. Love ya!”


**WARNING** Do not come to Zion Recovery Center if you are not done playing games and researching drug and alcohol use. These guys are so good at what they do; they will sniff you out unbelievably fast and before you know it, you will be leaving just as fast as you arrived. Zion Recovery Center protects their clients at all costs and so if you are thinking you can come here and spin circles around them to stay out of trouble with the law, you have another thing coming. But, If you are tired of running and gunning and want to seriously recover and change your life then by all means do everything in your power to attend Zion Recovery Center. I promise you won’t regret it! 


“I love you, you changed and made a difference for the rest of my life. By the way, I’m still CLEAN and it feels good! I have a grandchild now so I have bigger reasons other than myself to be the person I know that I can be.”


“I just wanted to start out by saying that you are the most amazing person I have ever known. You changed my life like I thought was never possible. You made me want to do better and made my life worth living. You showed me that I am worthy of love and worth something. I have seen you change many other people’s lives also for the better. You make treatment fun while being strict enough to get the things done that you need to while having respect and trust from the clients. You are always there for people when they need you and willing to give the best advice to people that you know how to, and sometimes that means for the clients to figure it out on their own.”


“You also make individual or group sessions unique and really help them out better. You do that by playing certain games, teaching, or explaining things to help them understand it better.  You helped me from the first moment that I stepped in the door. You gave me the tools that I needed to be able to do it. I give that credit to you and God. Thank you so much and love ya!”


“Through my years of struggling with addiction I have been through three different programs, both residential and outpatient. It wasn’t until I worked with you that I found long-term sobriety though. My sobriety date is July 10, 2011. I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am in life today without your help. Your approach to recovery really connected with me on a personal level. I never felt like just another person in a group. Other programs I had been through just taught the same stuff over and over which after a while, I would just tune it out. When working with you, I was able to get to the root causes of why I used my addiction to numb my feelings. You helped me learn not only how to stay sober, but how to have a long-term sobriety plan to deal with the ups and downs of daily life without feeling the need to use some kind of substance to cope.

You actually care, which is one thing I always felt. I never felt like what you were doing was just to fulfill a job duty, which is unfortunately what I believed many other therapists were doing. Attending the Zion Recovery Center program will definitely be an asset to you and your community. I feel that I owe my life and the sobriety that I enjoy today to the fact that you came into my life, and I’m sure that there is a countless number of people in our communities still suffering from their addictions who would benefit greatly from working with this program.”


“I would like to start off by saying how amazing I think you are as a treatment center. You made it possible for me to find my inner peace again. I spent many months in group with you and feel you are one of the most passionate therapists someone will ever meet. You helped me make it possible to have a clean life again. I want to thank everyone that has helped me on my journey in life. I believe Zion Recovery Center will make an exceptional change in many lives if given the chance.”


“I am a client of Zion Recovery Center. When I first enrolled in the program I was skeptical of their motives. As I began to participate I soon realized how much they really care for their clients well being. As I began to learn about the tools they provide and how to use them I realized that I was dealing with a life or death situation. Zion Recovery Center is the real deal. I love them very much and trust them with my life.

I’ve grown to have the utmost respect for their Clinical Program Director, Benjamin Jones and the time he took to help me through some very specific family issues in my life that are threatening to my recovery. He is a true gentlemen and an outstanding therapist. I highly recommend to anyone considering Zion Recovery Center, whether it be residential inpatient or outpatient treatment that you would benefit immensely from his expertise in this field in which he is highly trained. I appreciate everything he has done for me and will do for me in the future. I write this testimony of my own free will.”


“Let me first say that I did not complete my treatment at Zion Recovery but that did not stop me from writing this. I did not leave the program early because it wasn’t working out, or because it was not a good fit. I left because I was scared if I stayed I would lose my identity as a “druggie” and had no idea who I am without my using. I thought I could come in and do my time and jump through the hoops like everywhere else. I quickly learned it is impossible to cheat my way through this program. The clinical director is extremely good at what he does. I had no way of hiding and like he says, I just was not done “researching” my addiction. I still keep in touch with the staff at Zion Recovery Center regularly and it amazes me they still love and care so much for me. I know when I am ready to finally change my life for the better, I will definitely go back to Zion and finish what I started there.”


“I knew the Lord placed me right where I needed to be and put you in my life for a reason. I thank Him for that everyday. Thank you so much for a second chance at life.  You’re an amazing treatment center. I’m so thankful that the Lord placed you In my life, I don’t know where I would be without your help. I’m always here if your clients or anyone else needs some help or just someone to talk to. God bless you and your treatment family my friend. I will keep you all in my prayers.”


“Benjamin Jones has had an extremely positive influence on my life and my recovery from drugs and alcohol. I used to think that substance abuse was my biggest problem but it was really the solution to all of my other issues. I am grateful that I was able to be shown a new and better way to live my life. I was so scared of facing my past and my feelings but Ben helped me face my core issues in a way that made me feel comfortable and open. I can now feel my Savior’s love and know he is there for me on a daily basis, whereas before I was worried I would never have a relationship with God. I am now over a year clean and am able to love life and look at it with a whole new perspective and have good clean sober fun!”


“Ben has been a Godsend to me and my family. Since the day I met him, he has been nothing but a motivator and an advocate for me to work an honest program. He taught me that I deserve to be happy and that drugs aren’t the problem. When my wife and I started seeing him we had no idea what we were in for. He taught us more about ourselves and how to deal with life and taking things head on. He also shared that there will always be a calm after the storm, no matter how big the storm, there is always a calm thereafter. He taught me how to feel again. I had become so callus that I didn’t feel anything. I had become so caught up in my ways that I thought I could do anything and everything by myself and I didn’t need anybody’s help. However, with Ben’s help I found out how wrong I was and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. But we are all here to help each other and Ben is one of the greatest examples of that to me; he will do anything to help you. Ben also creates a great environment that is safe and he is directed by the spirit in every session. I owe the change in my life to Ben and his teaching techniques. He truly has changed my life for the better.”


Family Testimonials

“I had been looking for a treatment center for my son for some time. I visited several and I never was fully comfortable with any that I had seen. I finally found Zion Recovery Center in Eagle Mountain. I called and initially spoke with Matt (Executive Director). I was immediately impressed as I felt at peace with our conversation. I was emotionally unstable and was very raw and hurt. Matt listened to my “craziness” with patience and empathy. At that point I made an appointment to meet with Ben (Clinical Program Director) at the facility. I was hopeful that I would find this to be a place I felt comfortable for not only my son but for our family, as I knew in my heart that this was a family issue and that I wanted to be involved in his recovery. From the minute I walked into the facility and began to chat with Ben I knew I was going to do whatever it took to have my son be able to start his recovery here. That was the first place I had walked into and felt validated, at peace, comfortable, with a spiritual atmosphere that was unlike anything I had ever experienced at any other facility I toured! I felt so comfortable and so confident before I left that it was almost a dream. From that day forward I felt like I had this circle of support that was unbelievable.

My son was in custody at the time. I was comfortable in talking about and sharing our “story” and never once felt judged or looked down upon. That to me was huge. I already felt like I belonged in a matter of minutes. We had a few weeks before my son had court to see what the outcome would be concerning if whether it was treatment or incarceration. Matt and Ben both called me weekly checking in to see if there was anything they could do or if I was ok. One thing I treasured was that Ben took the time to go visit my son in jail while he was waiting for sentencing to see if he thought it would be a good fit for my son and the program. I appreciated the fact that they were serious about recovery and wanted to get to know my son. A miracle happened on our court day. The judge allowed him to go to treatment. He had so many odds against him that I truly felt like it was a miracle in the making. I was scared and nervous and worried but as I dropped him off I was 100% confident that this is where our family should be at this time, this was where my son was suppose to be and this is the treatment for our family. I knew this place was different in the fact that they were really all about “my son” who was lost and searching for himself. The love and care they have for their clients is truly amazing and unbelievable. Some days I would just think it was a dream because I wondered how they cared so much for us in such a short time.

Once we started individual family therapy I was scared to death. However, I learned quickly that I wasn’t just someone in a crowd; I was an important individual! I learned that being real with my feelings and sharing was crucial to my sons recovery as well as my own. I loved and treasure that I NEVER felt judged or put down or felt shame. I was loved for me even though I was feeling bad about my behaviors and co-dependency. Through the sessions I gained a relationship with my son that I will treasure forever! I feel so blessed that I was seeing this amazing kid who was finding himself, a boy who has never shared with me things about himself was learning skills/tools that were truly helping his recovery as well as mine. I am forever grateful for the relationship that we gained in these sessions. I love that treatment is equally important for the family, and not just many families at once, but my family and mine alone! We never had to meet up in a large group room with other families to discuss our personal issues.

We worked together in the recovery process; truly working! This is not a quick fix program. This is a program that is willing to help you change your life forever. You are given tools to promote healthy relationships. I learned and am still learning that my son was not the only one with a “problem” and in fact I contributed to the mess we were in. These are among some of the tools I have received so far: You learn how to set boundaries. You learn drugs are not the problem. You learn about the importance of accountability. You develop a greater relationship with God. You learn how to resolve conflicts. You learn that we all have a voice. You find the core problems in your life. You learn to forgive. You learn about honesty and trust. You learn how to confront the addict about their negative behaviors. You learn how to be a participant in a conversation. You learn how to allow each other to grow spiritually and how to best take care of ourselves. You learn that pain is mandatory and misery is optional. I truly feel blessed that our family is a part of the treatment center. I feel like I have made a lifetime commitment to better myself and to support my child in his recovery. I am feeling very comfortable with the aftercare program setup for my son this far.  Ben truly wholeheartedly cares for my son and our family. Zion Recovery Center has given me hope, strength and knowledge on taking my life one day at a time and loving it.”


 “I met Ben when my husband and I came to him for help. I thought since it was my husband that had the addiction problem that I would just be there for the support and get to sit back and listen. Little did I know that co-dependency is just as big of a problem. I had never heard that term before and was shocked when Ben said my husband wouldn’t get better unless I did as well. Going through the recovery process was truly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. However, Ben provided an atmosphere where I felt safe and loved and was able to work through my issues, and we as a couple were able to work through our problems as well. I never once felt judged or humiliated. I knew Ben came from a place of love and that he had been through some of the same events as we did which made it even more comforting. He had Been through it and survived and it gave me hope that so would we; and we did! I owe so much to him. My marriage and myself will never be the same. Life is incredible now and I couldn’t be more thankful for second chances and for the help Ben provided us.”


“First, THANK YOU for your love of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you for your sobriety. Thank you for listening to the spirit and sacrificing so much to share your gifts and talents. You are an answer to YEARS of prayer. Thank you for your obedience. Please know our family has a very grateful heart. If you ever need anything we can provide or support please contact us. With much love!”


  “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the tools to set boundaries with my children. I have been able to use them on multiple occasions now, and they work! My family and I are much happier these days and I am a better mother because of your help.”


“This no doubt, this is the best recovery center ever! I have never seen my little brother so happy and so ALIVE and so Whole! I am beyond proud of him and I aspire to have the faith that he does. Thank you Zion recovery center for giving me my brother back! I strongly suggest checking this place out if you know someone who is suffering from addiction.”