Outpatient Drug Rehab Utah

Zion Recovery Center firmly believes that in order to fully recover from the disease of addiction, a full continuum of care is needed. This means aftercare is in your absolute best interest once inpatient residential treatment is completed. Zion Recovery Center conducts intensive treatment aftercare at our outpatient rehab which provides a wide range of services such as: 

Day Treatment = 1-7 days per week

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) = 3-5 days per week

General Outpatient (GOP) = 1-3 days per week

Program Highlights

Our Unique Approach

Utah & Orem Outpatient Drug RehabZion Recovery Center’s outpatient rehab program implements the teachings of Christ in a non-threatening way while combining it with a strict adherence to the most current evidence-based treatment methods.

By doing this, we have the highest and best possible statistical outcomes. Another great resource we utilize comes from the natural habitat of Utah through outdoor activities and experiential therapies such as: music, drawing, journaling, meditation, mindfulness, etc. 

Our Outpatient Facility


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Personalized Treatment Plans

At Zion Recovery Center’s outpatient treatment, each client is assessed to the appropriate level of care. Because of our specific and individual treatment plans, our program is able to provide rapid healing, intense and extremely effective curriculum, and true results. Our outpatient programs exhaust all efforts to ensure our clients attend or return to school, become gainfully employed, and further develop their daily living or job skills. We also provide our clients with further access to much needed resources such as detoxification, vocational rehab, sober living, etc.

Small Groups and Family Treatment

Outpatient Rehab Small Group SizesLike our residential inpatient program, Zion Recovery Center’s outpatient treatment only allows small group sizes that never exceed ten (10) group members. Because of this, each client does not have to compete for face-to-face time with our Master level therapists that specialize in substance abuse and mental health disorders. In fact, due to our small group sizes, our clients can meet with a therapist individually as often as needed.  

The intense and intimate level of care Zion Recovery Center offers at the outpatient level does not just stop here. Zion Recovery Center extends some of these privileges and services to their client’s immediate family members at no additional charge. We offer weekly family therapy sessions specifically established for the confused, scared, and often lonely family members. This allows the family to finally address their co-dependency and learn how to confront and stop enabling their loved one. We also offer private and exclusive individual therapy sessions that are conducted with the client’s specific family members with whom they have unresolved issues with that are too uncomfortable or sensitive to be discussed in an open group room setting.

There is nothing that we want more then for you or a loved one to finally be rescued from the depths of hell that addiction places you in. Healing from alcoholism or drug abuse can appear to be nearly impossible. That is why we highly suggest you plan on attending our outpatient rehab immediately after successfully completing our residential drug rehab center in Utah. Never give up hope and call us today to schedule a tour or to receive a free assessment.