Inpatient Drug Rehab Utah

Residential or Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab provides a safe environment with a strong therapeutic support community for those who are severely struggling with addiction. Inpatient clients are able to focus on their recovery by having complete physical separation from their drug of choice, unhealthy relationships, or uncontrolled stressors that lead to persistent abuse of drugs or alcohol.


Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment in UtahZion Recovery Center’s residential program is conducted on a 30, 60, or 90 day regimen. We currently
separate ourselves from other treatment centers in Utah by only allowing 5 clients into our program at any given time so that our participants receive more specialized and individual treatment. Small group sizes prevent members from getting lost in the crowd, receiving minimal individual therapy sessions, or having to compete for time in group sessions. Other benefits of small group sizes is the ability to explore recovery in all of its realms such as:

Physical- Our clients learn the importance of staying physical fit, eating right, and leading a healthy life by  following a daily routine, receiving adequate sleep, eating and cooking healthy snacks and meals, and participating in various experiential therapies like hiking, swimming, yoga, biking, running, snowboarding, and other physical activities.

Mental- Challenging and often restructuring the cognitive distortions and irrational beliefs adopted and developed throughout the years as maladaptive coping patterns. This is mainly accomplished through providing motivational incentives, psycho-educational groups and classes as well as opportunities to further develop additional daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning, planning, volunteering and service activities, etc.

Emotional- Fostering a safe environment to help unwanted pains and feelings surface in order to finally be addressed. Once faced, you are able to create new alternative coping skills to re-raise your inner child and to allow your deepest and most private emotions the equal space and time in your life they deserve. This is achieved in both group, individual and family therapy settings through any therapeutic means necessary (eg. music, outdoor activities, journaling, experiential assignments, movies, etc.)

Social- Mainstreaming oppositional and defiant behaviors adopted and developed throughout the years through both therapy and psycho-educational group community experiences with topics and activities like resume building, job skills, volunteering, service activities, etiquette, structured study, free-time, team bonding, problem solving, anger management, etc.

Spiritual- At Zion recovery Center, we continually nurture a special and unique relationship with the God of your understanding to better understand yourself as well as life and purpose here on earth. This is accomplished mainly through means of allowing the Atonement into your life, church attendance, regular prayer, structured study, experiential therapies, intimate group disclosure and bonding.

Another great resource that we utilize at Zion Recovery Center’s residential program is the daily incorporation of spirituality into our facility. While other treatment centers claim to host spiritual base concepts, they remain neutral as to what a higher power is. We avoid ambiguity by stating the only way to fully heal is through Jesus Christ. This does not mean you have to be a practicing Christian or even a believer to attend our facility. We only ask that our clients have a willing heart and open mind to the fact that Christ’s teachings can help them achieve lifelong sobriety.

Zion Recovery Center is not affiliated with a particular religion and therefore is open to admitting clients from all walks of Christianity. We do not force any doctrine or teach anything besides the simple fact they all are worthy of love and a beautiful life if they choose to accept it. We cater to our clients specific needs by allowing them to attend a religious service of their choice if they desire to do so. 385-207-2029